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To Apply For A Habitat Home You Must Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a Habitat Homeowner, please click HERE to fill out a form and we will get in contact with you. All others are encouraged to submit a form and someone from our Family Selection Committee will contact you before the Orientation Meeting for our 2016 Build. You can also call our office at 706-379-2484.

The application cut-off deadline from the February 2015 Application Orientation Meeting will be April 15, 2015.

The Application Process

Application and approval process can take six months

Attend a Homeowner Applicant Orientation Meeting: Our staff will go through the entire homeowner program, answer any questions potential applicants may have, as well as dispel some of the myths about Habitat. At the end of each meeting, applications are distributed and reviewed in detail. You must attend an Applicant Orientation Meeting in order to receive an application.​ You will have two weeks to submit your application after the meeting.

  1. Fill out your application.
  2. Your application packet will have a complete list of all the required documents that you must copy and send in with your application. If your application is not complete, you will be contacted by a family services coordinator to review your application. If your application is complete, and you have submitted your credit report, it will be reviewed by the Family Selection Committee.
  3. After your application is submitted, staff will do an initial review of your Need, Ability to Pay, and Willingness to Partner with Habitat. Staff will also pull criminal records and sex offender background checks.
  4. A home visit will be scheduled. The home visit consists of a tour of your current home and an interview of your family by two members of the Family Selection Committee. The purpose of the home visit is to discuss the Habitat housing program in further detail and gain further information on your family's current living conditions. All applicants must participate and the entire family should be present.
  5. After your home visit, your application is reviewed by the entire Family Selection Committee. The committee reviews information submitted on the application form, financial documents and information obtained at the home visit to determine whether your application meets the program guidelines. If approved, your application is forwarded to the Habitat Board of Directors for a final review and approval. If the committee does not approve your application, you will be notified in writing with the reason for denial.
  6. If approved by the Board of Directors, you will be contacted to set a date for an Acceptance Meeting.

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