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Our Current Build

Lirette Family March 2017

Paula is the mother to Chelsey, Michael and now grandmother to grandson, Chance who is now 2 ½ years old.  Many changes have happened in the Lirette’s lives during the past 6 years.  Paula enjoyed working for many years (as a legal assistant) and then in 2011 was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder, causing long-term sickness, pain and more doctors appointments and procedures that she'd care to have. As head of the household, unfortunately the family lost everything and had to start all over. It was devastating, depressing and it really changed their lives in a huge way.


After struggling with various illnesses and just trying to keep the family afloat, a good friend of Paula’s talked to her about the Habitat House built for his family in Union County several years ago.  The friend raved about their house and suggested that Paula apply because of her family’s similar living conditions.  She did so and after the 3rd try she was approved!  A Habitat member had told her that due to her persistence ("3rd time is the charm!") her family’s living conditions, and her financial situation, she was selected!  She was literally told the good news the day before Thanksgiving, so at Thanksgiving dinner, when everyone in the family went around the table and stated what they felt they were most blessed and thankful for, she surprised everyone with the big announcement that “she was thankful for their family getting approved for a  new Habitat House!”  Everyone was stunned, but so happy!  That news really changed their family’s lives from that day because even though the house they were currently living in was filled with mold, no heat, had structural damage, and didn’t have enough rooms, it was hopeful news for the future.  She knew that she and especially her grandson’s health would improve with having a much healthier house.

It’s been a long road, but determination, prayer, family strength and the amazing people at Habitat have made all this happen. We’ve been beyond blessed with all of the Habitat family’s hard work and the people that help give to Habitat.  With all the hardships we've endured as a family over the last several years, it’s nice to wear a smile on my face no matter how the day turns out. Thanks to Habitat, I actually haven't been able to stop smiling no matter whatever difficulties the day may hold.

About the Construction

Our first construction day for volunteers on the Lirette Build is not yet set, more to come on this soon! You can get ready to volunteer on the build by emailing us at, call our office or reply through our website by filling out the "Volunteer Form" to let us know when you would like to come out to the build. Workers under 18 must have a parent there to sign a Release & Waiver of Liability form.

Contributing to this build!

If your organization or church would like to participate by providing lunch on one of the Saturdays, please call our office and ask for Bryan It takes more than a hammer to build a Habitat Home. We truly appreciate your contribution.