Projects in Progress

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  • We are streamlining our application and home building process to better meet the needs of our constituency. Look forward to a quicker application process, shorter period between applicant approval and ‘move-in’
  • We are creating ‘in-house’ financial education for future homeowners as well as and in store workstation for those in the application process to upload documents to our system.
  • Scheduling a ‘Women’s Build’ for our next home build.
  • Expanding our ‘Helping Hands’ program to perform improvements for our needy constituency. Helping hands does small to modest home repairs or improvements for persons in need.
  • We are actively looking to expand our product line to include “small” homes for qualifying single adults or veteran’s village. We have entered into a collaborative partnership in which Union County High School will build a house for each academic year as part of their Construction Arts Program