With Habitat for Humanity, you can build your community.  Because of the help of people like you, whole neighborhoods improve and completely transform.  Through this transformation, families achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better life.

There are several opportunities in which to volunteer for Habitat.  One of those include serving as a member of our Board of Directors.  Listed below is information concerning the requirements for these positions. 

Board of Directors Job Description

Three Legal Duties:

Duty of Care
Directors and officers must perform their responsibilities in good faith and with the same care as an ordinary person would use in managing his/her own affairs.

Duty of Loyalty:
Directors and officers must act in good faith and in a manner, which does not harm the organization to the benefit of the director or officer.  Avoid any conflicts of interest or appearances of impropriety.

Duty of Obedience:
Directors and officers must comply with the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation, bylaws and state laws, and should safeguard Habitat’s mission and Christian witness.

General Expectations:

  • Know Habitat for Humanity’s mission, purposes, goals, policies, programs, services, strengths, and needs.
  • Suggest possible nominees to the Board who are clearly women and men of achievement and who can make significant contributions to the work of the Board and Habitat’s progress.
  • Serve in leadership positions based on information received from individuals and urge those with grievances to follow established policies to bring such matters to the attention of the Board.  Follow trends and issues affecting Habitat for Humanity.
  • Prepare for and participate in Board and Committee meetings, asking timely and substantive questions, maintaining confidentiality and speaking for the Board when authorized to do so.
  • Counsel the Executive Director as appropriate to offer support in his or her own difficult relationships with groups or individuals.
  • Exercise prudence with the Board in the control and transfer of funds.
  • Assist the fundraising committee and staff by implementing fund raising strategies to ensure that adequate funds are raised to support the affiliate’s policies and programs

Minimum Job Requirements:

  • A demonstrated interest in the affiliate’s mission and goals.
  • Specific experience and/or knowledge in at least one area: human resources, planning, fund raising, building, finance, community relations, or organizational operations.
  • A willingness to expand knowledge of Board responsibilities through orientation and ongoing education.
  • A willingness to represent Habitat to the community.
  • Six to ten hours per month distributed among:
    • Board meeting – preparation and attendance
    • Committee meeting – preparation and attendance
    • Special requests
  • Serve as a liaison to one of the standing committees.
  • Give an annual gift according to personal means.