Fundraising refers to the process of gathering money to support our organization Funds are raised through various digital and traditional means and engage both individuals and corporations to provide a variety of ways to donate.  The funds raised are used to support our mission statement, building homes for families that cannot afford homes through traditional commercial means, and helping the homeowners with repairs that they are unable to obtain through normal means. 

Cars for Homes – Cars for Homes vehicle donation program provides revenues from the sale of donated vehicles to help fund affordable home builds in local communities across the country.  

Planned Giving – Major gifts that are truly transformational are often planned and come from assets. A planned gift is one that is made today that may not fully mature until a future date. Traditionally, planned giving involves a variety of trusts, bequests, and life estates, and is also derived from assets.

Corporate giving  Corporate giving programs allow companies large and small to make investments in Habitat. These programs are a form of corporate philanthropy that facilitates charitable giving to several of our social causes and projects.

Honor and/or Memorial Giving – One way to honor the memory of someone who has passed away or to express gratitude for the impact of someone still living is to give a donation in their name. The donation can be “in honor of” or “in memory of” this significant person or anonymous. 

There are three basic types of in-kind donations: goods, services, and people.

  • Goods are just about anything that isn’t money – a car, appliances, equipment, or furniture.
  • Services are often provided by small businesses, vendors, agencies and colleges.
  • People sometimes volunteer to help the organization.